Who are we?

BCO is a newly founded chamber orchestra made by young and driven semi-professional musicians based in the Netherlands. Their approach to the creation is a unique way of collaboration to shape the music as a collective. Since the foundation, the orchestra has paid special attention to diversity and inclusion in their programming as well as their constitution, this has led then to an outstanding ratio of diversity among the orchestras. BCO strives to change the practice of the orchestra and classical music to a more sustainable and inclusive way and one pillar of this process is transmitting the cultural diversity of the members in the programming and performance of the orchestra.
Diversity and inclusion is not only checklist for us, it is who we are. We aim for an open environment in which every player feels free and safe and can be who they are. We believe this cycle of diversity and inclusion in its true form leads to a more sustainable practice as an orchestra in all fronts. Our diverse team gives us an opportunity to enrich the musical language and performance practice. This extremely rich and diverse vocabulary of cultures, and the unique process of making, allows us to push the boundaries of interpretation and performance practice. To look through different eyes in every moment to the music and present a stunning handpicked result of the best ways each culture can approach classical music.

You will also experience this in our critical programming, where instead of just playing pieces after each other we take the audience to a journey with us. By using other disciplines and input of our colleagues we make sure that you won’t go to JUST a concert. But, you will experience a journey that will mark your heart.